Design flavor profiles consumers will love
with the world's largest AI sensory data set

Artificial intelligence for predictive food & beverage product development

Look forward, not backward

Gastrograph AI has designed the first artificial intelligence platform to interpret and predict flavor preferences for over a billion unique consumer groups. This technology empowers you to look beyond trends, and formulate unique, novel and successful food and beverage products based on custom sensory intelligence.

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Intelligent taste targeting

Successfully design for high ROI or growth market consumers with sensory-targeted flavors

Predict consumer preference

Use AI to predict, rather than react to, consumer perception

Okay Gastrograph, optimize the saltiness level for Brazilian consumers

For Over 1 Billion Unique Consumer Groups

With research in over 26 global regions and over 100 food and beverage categories, Gastrograph AI gives you deep and actionable insights into consumer types across the world

Customize flavor innovation by country, region, gender, age, smoking habits, tasting experience and more

Know what your customers want before they do

Simulate models of flavor, texture and aroma to create + test concepts. Introduce your customers to innovative flavor profiles with breakthrough products, or reimagine existing ones

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We have modeled over 1000+ flavor signatures to date (and counting) that are easy to interpret by formulators. Have a rare Portuguese flavor? Find other major consumer groups for it based on palette and perception data. Have a flavor that hasn’t been modeled yet? Create a new signature and Gastrograph AI will optimize it for your audience

Accelerate time to market

Get quick and powerful digital insights that take the
guesswork out of product design and increase ROI

The platform’s machine learning capability allows you to reduce, reuse and recycle data for ongoing and future research, expediting product time to market

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With flavors that people will love


What we do

We help you innovate the future of flavor from concept through consumption

What To Make

Concept DesignNew Flavor UtilizationPortfolio Coverage

Who To Make It For

Profile OptimizationPreference Segmentation

How To Make It

Optimal FormulationsNew Product Development

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Create more diverse products for a more diverse world

Artificial intelligence is the future of food & beverage product design