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System Overview

Gastrograph AI utilizes modern sensory science methods, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to introduce flavor as a quantifiable metric for the food & beverage industry.
We leverage flavor profiles to:

  • Monitor quality, consistency, and identify flavor issues
  • Predict a flavor outcome from production process data
  • Measure market fit and acceptance by a market segment

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1. Collect

Use the Gastrograph system to collect flavor data in real-time for a complete sensory review in 90 seconds. Gastrograph Review (Android and iOS) serves as a digital record of sensory reviews that sync to the cloud. Gastrograph requires minimal panelist training and no reliance on expert tasters. The system employs advanced panelist modeling to learn individuals’ preferences and sensitivities. By measuring people’s differences in sensory perception, tasting is taken from a subjective art to an objective science.

2. Analyze

We provide predictive real-time monitoring of your products flavor profile for quality and consistency. Gastrograph AI detects and predicts flaws and batch-to-batch variations across multiple production facilities and site-to-site, enabling your quality and process to be monitored 24/7.

3. Predict

Our system learns from and leverages your production data, lab data, and sensory data to update production processes in real-time for consistency optimization and mitigation of in-process problems. Gastrograph AI helps you make the perfect product, every time.

4. Sell

We will identify your brand’s highest value market segment through flavor-based deep learning. Determine what flavor attributes consumers enjoy most for data-driven cognitive marketing. Map flavor preference trends for smarter distribution and new product development.

Build A Sensory System Backed By Science

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