Tutorial: Creating and Joining Panels
Android and iOS

Not ready for panels yet? Be sure you have an account and know how to review!

Step 1: Start a Review

Open Gastrograph Review on your device and log in with your username and password.
Select whichever product you are tasting on the main menu to open a review. This tutorial will use Beer as an example.

Step 2: Start a Review

Select Product Info (top of the screen for Android, bottom for iOS). For beer, you will not be able to start a panel unless the following criteria are completed:

  • Product Name
  • Brewery
  • Critical Control Point

Step 3: Start a Panel

Once your Product Info is completed, you're ready to start a panel!
For Android, you can start a panel by selecting the small blue circle with the plus sign in the bottom right corner.
For iOS, you can start a panel by selecting "Start a Panel" at the bottom of the Product Info list.

Step 4: Share a Panel

You will be prompted to select a panel type. If you choose a Regular Panel, your team will be able to see the Product Info of the product you're tasting. If you select Blind Panel, they will simply see a blank screen when they try to look at their Product Info. Decide accordingly!
You may now fill out your graph.

Step 5: Join a Panel

Joining panels is just as important as creating one. Once someone else has opened a panel, you will have all of your Product Info filled out for you so you can go straight to reviewing.
(NOTE: If you are the creator of a panel, there is no need to join it!)

To join a panel, simply scroll to the bottom of your Product Info screen and tap the circular, blue '+' button. Then you can tap 'Join a Panel' to see which panels are open.

Step 6: Find Your Panel

A list of all open panels will appear. It's important that you select the panel your shift manager started. Each panel includes the time it began, creator, and product for your reference.
After you choose a panel, all of the Product Info will automatically fill in and you can complete your review.