Tutorial: Your First Review
Android and iOS

Step 1: Register

If this is going to be your first review...

First, click 'New Gastrograph Account' on the app.

Now enter your information.
To the right is an example of how I filled mine out.

Press the 'Sign Up' button when you're done.

Tip: Your username can contain spaces.
Just be sure to enter a valid email address and a password with at least 8 characters, otherwise you won't be able to verify your reviews with your company.

Step 2: Main Menu

Now that you're signed in...welcome to Gastrograph! This is the main menu.

Select the type of product you want to review from the grid of icons

Step 3: Meta Data

Before you start tasting, take a few seconds to enter as much information about your product as you can. This step is very important and improves the quality control analysis we provide.

Here are a few pointers for the basic fields to fill in (this is for beer, but every other product class is the same idea):

  • Product: The name of what you are tasting
  • Brewer: The name of the company that produced what you are tasting
  • Container: What type of container are you drinking out of?
  • ABV: The percentage alcohol content of the beer you are drinking
  • Establishment: Where are you drinking this?
  • Date of Production: On what date was your product made?

After you've taken a few seconds to enter everything you know about the product, tap the Graph button. You can come back at anytime during your review to edit the meta data.

Step 4: The Gastrograph

Now it's time to taste a product and fill out the Gastrograph— finally!

The Gastrograph is made up of 24 flavor attributes. The eight bold lines are sensations, the other 16 lines are flavors. Everything you taste can be graphed, it's up to you to decide how to graph it.

If you're using a phone, tap the inside of the graph anywhere to zoom in. If you're on a tablet, there's no need to zoom in.

The best way to start is to take a sip of your drink! What's the first flavor that comes to mind?
Find the flavor attribute on the Gastrograph that corresponds most to what you're tasting, tap that line, and drag the dot to show how strong that flavor is. A score of 5 (dot on the outer edge) means that that flavor note is very present, a score of 0 (no dot marked) means that it is not present at all. You should mark a score of 1 if the flavor in question is on the edge of perception.

If you want to delete a mark, select the line that is incorrect and click the red minus sign in the center of the graph.

If you don't know what a flavor attribute means, tap that line and the Reference Flavors in the blue boxes above the graph will give you examples of that flavor. For bold lines, this box will give you a definition.

Work your way around the Gastrograph, marking every flavor that you taste.

If a particular flavor stands out as something you've tasted before, go ahead and mark a Reference Flavor. These are the blue boxes above the graph when selecting a non-bold line.
Not only are these Reference Flavors great for reminding you what a particular flavor attribute tastes like, but you can also enter your own if what you taste isn't already listed.

Tip: Swipe right or left on any variable's grid of Reference Flavors to see the others.

When I think I'm finished, I like to look at every variable I marked and ask myself if every flavor I tasted is accounted for on the graph in some way. Sometimes it's necessary to write a note if I don't think the product's flavor is adequately described by the variables I marked and the specific Reference Flavors I chose.

To do this, press the Notes tab at the top right of your screen. Here you can write detailed notes of what you taste in this product. Your Producer Panel analyzes these notes to help build a more complete product model, so don't be afraid to write as much as you want.

If you really think you've detected a specific flaw, you have the option here to select one. Simply tap "Select Flaw" below your notes and then tap which flaw you taste.

Step 5: Perceived Quality

If you're finished marking the Gastrograph, the only step left is to give this product a Perceived Quality score.

When you're ready, click the check mark at the top right your screen. This will open a prompt for you to submit a PQ (Perceived Quality score) from 1-7, based on what you think the quality of this product is. One is the lowest and seven is the highest.

Go ahead and click "Submit Review" when you are finished.

Step 6: Post-Review

After you submit your Perceived Quality, your review is saved and you'll always be able to look back on it by going to my My Reviews from the Main Menu.

On the screen immediately after submitting your review, you'll see a few buttons to share your review on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

If you swipe right on this screen (or tap the OFP button at the top right), you'll see another Gastrograph of the Objective Flavor Profile of the product you just reviewed. We call this an OFP - it is the Gastrograph that most accurately represents the true flavor profile of a product.
It's way more complex than a simple average, but an average of all reviews of a product is an easy way to think about it. In the background, we determine which reviews are trusthworthy or not and generate this OFP accordingly.

You can learn more about how we determine this by reading our whitepaper on assigning trust scores to reviewers.

If an OFP isn't available for a specific product, the app will try to show you the most relevant OFP available. This usually means the OFP of produts within the same style, from the same country (for coffee), or made using the same brewing method.

That's it for your first review!

Thanks for reading and know that this review will help make sure that this batch of product is in-line with your company's quality control standards.

If you had trouble with any part, please send an email to us at JohnDev@Gastrograph.com and let us know. We'll reply right away and help you out.