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Recommendation Engine

Predictive Portfolio Optimization

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Service Overview

Gastrograph AI powers our real-time recomendation engine, the first that can identify products a specific consumer will love, educate its users, and guide them on their discovery of new products, while informing and optimizinhg decisions made within the brewery supply chain.

Truly Personalized Recommendations

The Gastrograph Recommendation Engine helps individuals find the products locally available that they'll love while educating them about their own preferences. Gastrograph AI can guide a consumer's acquisition of new preferences and their exploration of products – helping your users select the right beer for the right experience.

Upstream Feedback

Gastrograph AI creates a complete mapping of a consumer’s preferences. This can be utilized by the producer to make strategic decisions throughout the beer supply chain process. Gastrograph AI’s recomendation engine helps inform producers to make adjustments and recommendations based on real-time feedback, ensuring the ideal beer is in the consumer’s hand every time.

How it Works

Leveraging vast demographic and population data, the Gastrograph AI advantage lies in understanding not just how consumers will respond to any given flavor profile, but why preferences exist and tracking how those response change based on new flavor experiences.

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