Make a product for people to love – consistently

Quality Intelligence

Quality is a measure of consistency and deliciousness. Consumer expectations can only be met with a consistent product that tastes great. Gastrograph Quality Intelligence gives you the tools to produce the perfect batch, every time.

Gastrograph organizes your sensory data and applies machine learning and artificial intelligence to quantify flavor. The subjectivity of standard sensory data is controlled by modeling individual panelists, the environment they taste in, and the product they are tasting - all of which inconsistently influence a sensory outcome. Our models account for this variance and biases, and give you the ability to objectively analyze your products flavor profiles for batch-to-batch deviations and flaws - helping you create a consistently higher quality product.

Batch-to-batch Deviation Analysis:

Gastrograph models the evolution of a product and quantifies the variance between batches. Gain the insight to determine when the flavor of a batch is deviant enough to be noticed by the general consumer or a specific target demographic.

Flavor Signature Detection and Alerting:

Gastrograph is trained to identify and predict the presence of specific flavor signatures of interest, such as flaws or off-flavors. Real-time phone call, text, and email alerts will notify your selected employees when the flavor signature is detected. A report will be sent showing the magnitude, impact of the effect for consumers, and potential mitigation strategies.

Strategic Analysis:

Compare this batch to one from last month, last year, or last time you changed suppliers. Analyzing changes over time helps you understand the effects of not only batch-to-batch deviations, but of year-to-year trends, weather changes, supplier adjustments, and the consistency of your ingredients. Strategic analysis grows a good product into a great brand.

Employee & Panelist Monitoring:

Panel monitoring is mission critical in ensuring a quality product - reviewers are you source of sensory data. Gastrograph offers tools for monitoring individual reviewers, ensuring they are consistently and accurately reporting what they are tasting. Use this data to train employees and strengthen the ability of your panels.