Make your production data as valuable as your product

Process Intelligence

Update your process in real time to make the highest quality and most consistent flavor profile – even as ingredients and conditions change with Gastrograph Process Intelligence.

Gastrograph Process Intelligence™

Process Intelligence analyzes and predicts how changes to the production process of a product affect its flavor profile. With real-time production tracking customized to your process, Process Intelligence analyzes past production data to predict where and when issues occur, giving you the power to predict and prevent problems so standard operating procedures (SOP) can evolve to prevent problems in the future. After a recipe and SOP's are defined for a product, raw materials lots and equipment are linked to a production run allowing for the tracking of every variable and process input for each batch. By tracking changes in the production process, relationships are drawn between the flavor profile of your product and any ingredients, equipment, and processes.

Batch Management:

Gastrograph Batch Management tracks your product through the production process including recipes, SOPs, which equipment was used, and batch blending regimens. This information is then used to find common links between off-flavors to help you more accurately identify problem areas in the production process.

Production Process Optimization (PPO):

Gastrograph quantifies the impact of SOP changes on the flavor profile and perceived quality of the product. This gives you the ability to tune flavor profiles, flavor match between production facilities, and optimize production runs. R&D sensory panels can be performed comparing different systematic changes to the production process. Dial-in flavor profiles through data-driven production process optimizations via comparing production process changes with a change in sensory outcome; in other words, a root-cause analysis of in-production development and deviation of flavor.

Predictive Manufacturing:

The Gastrograph System maps every stage of production in a graphical database that use deep learning neural networks to predict the most likely outcome of any given stage based on real-time process data and previous sensory reviews. In simple terms, it learns how a process change affects the resulting flavor profile, thus making it capable of updating the process in real-time to consistently match or optimize the flavor profile of your product in production. Just as an expert learns from experience – Poseidon, our Artificial Intelligence, will learn how predict an unwanted, mitigated, or improved outcome based on sensory and process data.