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Portfolio Management

Predictive Portfolio Optimization

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Service Overview

Gastrograph AI provides a powerful tool measuring flavor and consumer preference. Predictive models identify how different demographics and regions both experience, and enjoy different flavor profiles, and how to utilize that information to optimize portfolios on regional and national levels.

Market Mapping

Map differences in perception and preference by demographic, region, and even sub-region to make better, more informed decisions for portfolio management.Segment the market by preference, profiling clusters of consumers by what flavor profiles they are most likely to enjoy, acquire, and repurchase. Gastrograph AI is powered by the unique insight of predicting the underlying flavor profile of products from consumer reviews – learning what certain individuals not only taste, but specific flavors they like and dislike about the products they review.

Regional Optimization

Measure the competitive landscape of regions based on the underlying flavor profile of all products available from consumer review data. Hone in on key regions where your products will have the most competitive flavor profile, estimate who is most likely to buy an given product in a target area, and determine the expected rate of re-purchasing of a new product.

Undersold Market Segments

Gastrograph AI builds explanatory models of current portfolio performance, and predictive models for optimizing product distribution based on regional and demographic consumer preference information. Identify market white spaces based from consumer review, sales data, and distribution data. Tap into undersold market segments with flavor-based consumer preference insights.

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