Gastrograph AI: Consumption of Online Delivery Services during COVID-19

While restaurants throughout the United States begin their re-opening with outside dining options, Americans are still cautious and have heavily utilized no-contact methods thus far. As the coronavirus still poses a global threat, consumers have adapted to other means to satisfy their daily cravings: 60% of U.S consumers order delivery or takeout once a week (Upserve).

The move to online grocery and the rise of delivery services have experienced steady growth over the past decade, however, many experts say that COVID-19 has accelerated the growth trajectory by 5 years (Medium).

In Gastograph AI’s COVID-19 Food Behavioral Data Survey, a national survey of 600 people in the United States, 74% of consumers did not shop online or use delivery services such as UberEats, Grubhub, and Seamless for food consumption prior to COVID-19. Today, 51% of consumers are ordering takeout while they work from home or remain in lock-down. Which consumers are making the switch?

Figure 1: Age Ranges of Online Delivery Consumers during COVID-19

According to the data, the largest amount of consumers ordering takeout was in the age range of 35-44 years old. Approximately 43% of that group had children which contributed an integral role in explaining why. Parents find themselves needing to order takeout to solve the problem “What’s for dinner?” as they may be too occupied from their working from home schedules.

Out of those who did not shop before or since COVID for takeout, the most popular users were from the South and 65% were from suburban areas.

Figures 2 and 3: Location breakdown of Online Delivery Consumers

Who’s making the order? The gender breakdown is almost equal, but overall caucasian females are purchasing more delivery orders than any other demographic. They surpass every other demographic by 65%.

Figure 4: U.S Race and Ethnicity Breakdown for Female Online Delivery Users

While it is uncertain when restaurants may reopen with full capacity, many are easily adapting to the routine of ordering online or through their mobile delivery app. Consumers will continue to make their purchases online and perhaps enjoy a “virtual restaurant” experience rather than a physical one.


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