Wow your highest value consumers every time they taste your brand

Market Intelligence

Target the individuals who love, or will love, your products' flavor profile – and communicate the most positive attribute for them to focus on with Gastrograph Market Intelligence.

Consumers have different flavor preferences. Consumers that share similar preferences often are clustered together geospatially and demographically. Gain deep market insights on your consumer’s flavor preferences by leveraging the sensory data you are already collecting and projecting it onto the population and ensure the spotlight is shined on your product in your target market.Test the descriptive language, style classification, and branding most likely to appeal to different customer segments by imposing and testing biases in experimental panels. See how consumers will react to your product’s flavor profile and flavor-marketing before it’s produced or on the shelf.

Demographic Targeting:

Optimize your flavor profiles based on the known population demographics per region and the way those tasting populations physiologically respond to flavor, such as minimum detection threshold of off-flavors, sensitivity to flavors, and flavor preference archetype. Gastrograph builds optimization models based on your product’s current flavor profiles (to prevent in-brand cannibalization) and the natural variations within product to identify available opportunities to improve the product lineup.
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Cognitive Marketing:

Diction and visual presentation of a product can have a significant impact on not only first time buying decisions but on the overall hedonic assessment of a particular product. Gastrograph Cognitive Marketing analysis will reduce cognitive dissonance and its impact on taste.

Cognitive dissonance kills repeat sales when the flavor profile of your product doesn’t match the consumer’s expectation for that style, brand, or selected flavor terms – even if the product tastes “good”. The Gastrograph system allows you to avoid making such mistakes in marketing and optimize consumer expectation.
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Seasonal and One-off Testing:

This analysis is best suited for validating seasonal and one-off product decisions. Consumer preferences shift by the season and in the long-term, making seasonal and one-off releases’ quality difficult to assess. By analyzing and predicting how different demographics will hedonically respond to a new flavor profile, Gastrograph gives You the data needed to tweak their seasonal products to appeal to the highest-value demographic possible.

New Product Development:

Gastrograph provides data-driven recommendations on new flavor profiles that appeal to tasting populations currently not targeted by your brands. This analysis can be used for products in planning or in R&D to holistically predict their flavor profile, optimal consumer demographic to market to, and any flavor profile optimizations.