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Innovation Management

Control every stage of a product's lifecycle

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Platform Overview

95% of new food & beverage products fail in the first 3 years after launch. This is because products are developed and marketed without modeling and predicting current and future consumer preference. Gastrograph AI is equipped with a suite of tools to create competitive flavor profiles aimed at a targeted market segment.
Predictive models identify how different demographics and regions both experience, and enjoy different flavor profiles, and how to utilize that information to optimize portfolios on regional and national levels. We offer market mapping, tapping into undersold markets, and regional optimization to make sure the right product meets the right person.

New Product Development
Engineer new flavor profiles targeted to meet the preferences of your most valuable consumers

Portfolio Management
Pinpoint product cannabilization and identify white space with flavor-driven tools

Product Adaptation
Maintain market relevence below the level of consumer perception, but above their level of preference.

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Innovation Management

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