Jason Cohen, CEO

Cognitive & Targeted Marketing

Know what consumers want to taste before they do.

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Service Overview

Gastrograph AI powers tools that help shape consumer expectations of each individual product. These cognitive marketing tools enhance marketing dollars spent on any given product. Through natural language processing from reviews of sensory panelists, rating sites, written reviews, and consumer data, Gastrograph AI generates product descriptions that evoke the greatest enjoyment of a product.

Targeting Market Segments

Identify competitive markets that will have low consumer acceptance and where certain flavor profiles are less likely to be enjoyed by the demography. Target markets composed of demographics likely to enjoy a brand’s flavor profile and under-targeted through marketing channels. Gastrograph AI models preference archetypes for different demographics and regions and therefore understands who your consumers are. Positioning brand marketing efficiently ensures the right message is reaching the right place for the right people. Gastrograph AI utilizes sales and preference data by geolocation to determine the impact of marketing efforts. Demographic clustering and preference analysis alludes to what flavor attributes appeal to specific demographics and the velocity at which the consumers make purchasing decisions.

Reduce Cognitive Dissonance

Gastrograph AI cognitive marketing analysis will identify key descriptors that reduce cognitive dissonance and its impact on taste perception, thus empowering producers to better manage consumer expectation. Cognitive dissonance is “the mental stress or discomfort caused by a perceivable difference in what was experienced and what was expected, whether that difference was positive or negative.” When consumers are told one thing but taste another, or expect a flavor that is not present, they end up disliking the product more.

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