Gastrograph AI determines the Best Gatorade Drink!

In 1965 Gatorade was created by the Univesity of Florida to help athletes replace any lost body fluids during games. Since then isotonic drinks have become a popular drink among both athletes and consumers alike. With over 100 different flavors and series of Gatorade to choose from, including the Frost Series and G2 Series, there is one question that towers above the rest: which Gatorade tastes best?

Through worldwide tasting panels, we have been able to capture consumer perception and preferences in the Gastrograph Review App (App Store or Play Store).

Figure 1: Isotonic Drink

With the data collected from our worldwide tasting panels and analyzed by our Artificial Intelligence Platform, we predicted the best Gatorade Flavor for the overall United States market - Gatorade G-Series, Lemon-Lime. The lemon-lime flavor received the highest Perceived Quality (PQ) score out of all other Gatorade products in our console. PQ is a predicted preference score approximate to a 7 point hedonic scale.

Table 1: Stack rank of selected Gatorade Products
Figure 2: Flavor Profile of the Gatorade G-Series, Lemon-Lime

The lemon-lime flavor held a PQ score of 2.86 out of 7 with high signatures of ‘fruits’, ‘sugar’, and ‘mineral’ notes. It’s ‘wet’ and ‘retronasal’ was a pleasant taste for consumers, unlike the ‘sour and acidity’ notes tasters did not enjoy. Driving preferences would increase if the lemon signature was added or increased.

Other Gatorade products did not fare quite as well; the rest of the competition held lower PQ scores and negative signature notes.

Figure 3: Flavor Profile of the Gatorade Zero Glacier Cherry

The Gatorade Zero Glacier Cherry flavor earned a 2.15 out of 7. It held pleasant ‘wet’ and ‘mineral’ flavors, but unfavorable ‘dry’. The analysis shows that a higher mineral addition and taste would create a more desirable driving preference.

Figure 4: Flavor Profile of the Gatorade Flow, Pineapple Mango

Gatorade Flow Pineapple Mango was one of the lowest-scoring Gatorades as it held a PQ score of 1.93 out of 7. Consumers did not enjoy the ‘sugar’, ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ notes this product held, unlike the other flavors. According to the data, it would have increased driving preference and ranked it higher with the Lemon-Lime flavor if there was a lemon signature. Also, if the mango component was higher rather than the pineapple flavor it would have raised the overall PQ.

If you want to make a product competitive with Gatorade - Gastrograph AI can predict the flavors you need to win.


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